This website was originally created to record my experiences in the creation of others, but will serve better as a locus for describing the domains I have created and why.

I have recently moved my main domain and everything that is part of it to A2 Hosting, in the interests of page loading time.  My sites have gotten little traffic, in part because I used a cheap hosting account with a provider not known for speed.  Now I am paying a premium for a “Turbo” account, and my pages should load quickly.

I have (almost) always had a SocialTechnology site.  At first it was SocialTechnology.org, after losing that, I had SocialTechnology.net — both of which became unavailable to me.  Never wanting the dot-com domain, with its commercial connotations, a decade or so ago I acquired SocialTechnology.ca, still my main domain.

Foolishly, I supposed that the creation in 1996 of my first SocialTechnology website, with its explanation of the importance of the subject would lead to the creation of some sort of project to implement the ideas explained there.  In the absence of one, I worked on my own for almost two decades.  Now I am trying explicitly to involve others in my project, making it theirs.  To this end I have just acquired two new domain names, SocialSystemsProject.ca for implementation work, and SocialSystemsProject.org to manage that implementation.

There are various other domain names which map into subdomains of my main domain, for example dpwilson.ca, which maps into the subdomain DouglasPardoeWilson.socialtechnlogy.ca, and is also available through directly linking to the subdomain.  I shall make a list of the domain names I use on another page.  One which currently exists lists all of the (many) subdomains.

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