Needed Urgently: Setup Scripts

I use several different “websites” or WordPress installations because I like a unified theme for each of several pages and posts.  I like a common header image to appear over each of these items, and I like to see page menus in the header which are available for a quick selection of any page on the common topic, from any page or post.

Because I like to have multiple installations, I have gone through the process of setting up a new site over and over again until I am sick of it!  There is no need for those dozens of steps.  Instead of being forced to do this and that, dozens of single steps, over and over, it should be possible to do it most of it with a single setup script, uploaded from your own computer or located on your web host.

Such a script would install a preselected theme, add a standard set of plugins, tweak their options, and apply other settings as found on the dashboard.  These scripts should have a name, and can be edited and the new versions saved under new names.

I believe there is an urgent need for this. I don’t know how to make it happen, but I envision something like this: when a WordPress installation is first logged into by the administrator, a choice of standard setup scripts should be presented in large letters in a large box on the dashboard. Later these choices would still be available, but with less emphasis.  Instead of using any of the standard choices, the admin should be able to upload a saved script or select one from the web root of his server.  Where these do exist on the server, a personal menu of them should be presented.  Selected scripts could be run at once, or edited first, presumably after being saved under a new name.

That’s what I want.  I am a competent programmer, but have no experience writing server side programs or writing for WordPress.  I’m too old, tired and busy to even try.  I hope someone else will take on this challenge.

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