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This page is obsolete.  I am no longer using header images, since I found they used up too much of the page and distracted so much from the content that it was sometimes not always evident that a new page had been chosen.

However, someone else may choose to use header images when creating their own WordPress site, using perhaps the instructions I give on a new website about creating and using such sites.

Here is the old contents of this page:

One reason I like to have multiple WordPress installations is to keep all related pages and posts in a common layout, under a common header image.  For example, my main website about Social Technology has hundreds of posts.  When someone views any one of them, they will see a page which looks like this:

Snapshot of Site

Page Layount

The same page layout will be seen no matter what the content of any particular post of page on that site.  I think this a great advantage.  Therefore I have created multiple WordPress installations, each with its own page layout.  Most noticeably, each page or post will be shown beneath a common header images.  Here are various header images I have created in various ways.  You may click on the images to view them full size, which for the twenty ten theme I prefer is 940 by 198.

The main SocialTechnology.ca site has a header image clipped from a public domain image taken from the WikiMedia Commons:

Clipped Public Domain Image used in Header

Clipped Public Domain Image used in Header

I think using a carefully chosen piece of artwork does make for a prettier page.  In this case I chose a social situation, the most a propos I could find for a website about society.  Elsewhere I have added material of my own to an existing image, to make a pretty and reasonably effective header.  In the following example, for a short online novel set in Africa, I used an African village scene, into which I inset a couple of faces, those of the lead characters.  As appropriate for fiction, these are not real people, but morphs made by combining images of different individuals.

Images of Main Characters Inserted into Photo of Typical Scene From Novel

Images of Main Characters Inserted into Photo of Typical Scene From Novel

Elsewhere I have taken a photo myself and cropped it for use as a header image.  In this case I was creating a website about books I have written or can recommend, so I took a photo of one of my bookshelves.

Bookshelf Photo Used As Header Image

Bookshelf Photo used as Header Image

A more recent website, about the romantic aspects of social technology was made by just adding a border, background texture and large-font text to a blank image of the right size for a website header.

Text Based Image Made With Image Editor

Text Based Header Made with Image Editor

These are but a few examples of header images I’ve created and used for websites.  My basic rule is to have a unique header image for each site, even if nothing else about the page layout is different.  Other examples of header images can be seen in this post.


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