Content Management with WordPress

I have created so many WordPress sites, 54 at last count, that I thought it good to create one specifically about creating such a site and using it for communication and content management.

I have variously named this new site Content Management with WordPress or Creating a WordPress Website.  It is a bit of both.  If you only want to communicate, or perhaps earn some money with AdSense, then you could use a free site hosted at — but such a site is not suitable for managing content stored on a self-hosted website.

I used to use HostPapa for a self-hosted site, on which I stored a fair amount of content, external to WordPress but available through it.  I now use A2 Hosting instead, having done a full-site backup of my HostPapa site then asked the A2 people to restore my account on their site.  Now I also have cheap hosting accounts on HostClear and GoDaddy, which are not really very useful to me at the moment.

I have used GoDaddy as a registrar for three domains, but I’m not very happy with the result.  When I added the content delivery network Cloudflare to my network of websites, those registered and hosted at GoDaddy were hard to set up.  That may have just been my incompetence, but I am inclined to the view that with good software running things, the user doesn’t have to be competent.  Software should be idiot-proof, since we are all idiots some of the time with some things we want to do.

So far I have had good luck using NameCheap (which is not all that cheap) as a domain registrar and A2 Hosting as a web host.  Recently I have added Cloudflare to all of my websites, which was easy to do in most cases, though I got lost trying to do it on GoDaddy.

For more on this, consult my WordPress creation and management site mentioned above.  I am not an expert and can offer no guarantees.  All I am attempting is to tell you what I usually do.