This website  exists to describe the websites associated with my Social Systems Project.  Previously I have created headers for them, and here is a composite of four of them.


These headers will now be inserted in to the text of pages.

Most of these websites have an associated domain name.  Some have more than one domain name, while a few can only be reached via others which do have one.

Each of these sites exist for a single purpose.  I wish that it was easy or even possible to set up these domain names as I would like them, but as far as I know, it is not.  Perhaps someday the software will get better or someone will volunteer to help.

My main hosted account is associated with the domain SocialTechnology.ca — I previously had socialtechnology.net and earlier one or two others, now lost.  Many subdomains of socialtechnology.ca exist, almost all with a WordPress site on them.  They will be listed below.  I also have two newer hosted domains.  One is MakingSocietyWork.com, and the other is a secret site for anonymous communications.

Most of these website are for the presentation of a single idea.  These ideas are based on concepts explained in my main site, SocialTechnology.ca — it includes ideas dating back decades, which I only now understand.




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